Equipment consultation

If you’re feeling you need a couple of tips and tricks on using some equipment from Takeout, this is the thing for you! Studios Takeout’s manager, Lassi, is eager to share his expertise on all sorts of knick knacks and whatnots concerning all kinds of av-related equipment. Drop Lassi a message and he’ll find a …

Events and partnerships

Let us find partnership opportunities for you. Aalto Studios is actively carrying out projects, productions and events with several media industry partners in Finland.  If you have an idea, a business plan or would just like to get better connected, we can assist in finding a perfect match from our extensive networks.

Software development

From time to time, we can help with building software solutions for spesific needs. Examples include CMS plugins for WordPress, standalone web apps and the occasional server-side wrangling of data.

ICT buyer’s consultation

Are you about to invest time, money or both in setting up a piece of information technology? We can help you double-check you’re asking the right questions and getting the right answer by reflecting on our past experience.

Internet communication therapy

Book an hour on our sofa to air out any ideas or questions you might have on using the internet for you communication needs. We can discuss larger, strategic approaches or get down to the nitty gritty of how to tweak some software platform to exactly what you’d like.