AV Production Service

How do you get started creating audiovisual content?

Meet with us and we’ll find out. Our service can help you identify the different steps needed and come up with a concrete action plan for moving forward, from an idea to a finalized product.

This can include building a production plan for scheduling, resourcing, and recruitment, and other factors to realistically make the best use of the budget and timeframe at hand.

AV Productions showreel 2021 – 2023

In this short showreel, you can get a glimpse of what kind of productions we usually do.

Popular items

  • Video interview

    Video interview

    1-3 persons interview or discussion video shot with multiple cameras in a nice lightning set up. User guides Related items

  • Educational video using Panopto

    Educational video using Panopto

    Walk in, start recording, and at the end receive a video file with optional captures of presentation slides and notes included.…

  • Webinar using Zoom

    Webinar using Zoom

    Host or participate in online educational events in the well lit, peaceful environment of our Self Service Studio, or take some…

  • Your own Podcast

    Your own Podcast

    Getting your own podcast show up and running at Aalto University is more than possible. We have both the resources and…

Production pros

Contact us by filling the Audiovisual Productions Contact Form first

  • Hetta Huhtamäki
    Hetta Huhtamäki

    Producer / Production Manager


    +358 50 433 7130

  • Lassi Savola
    Lassi Savola

    Assistant producer / AV Specialist


    +358 50 464 3161

Visit us

The Production Office is located on the 3rd floor of the Marsio building.

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Want to work with us?

We are always on the lookout for AV and VR talent for projects, events, workshops and courses. If you’re a professional in sound, videography, editing, animation, VR/XR or any other media related field, we would like to add you to our contact list for freelance work.


Snapshots from behind the scenes. See all Aalto Studios Instagram accounts for more.

Aalto studios collaborating with @aaltobiz for EIBA conference 2024 😎📹
Interested in podcasting? Recording a voiceover? Whatever it is, if you need quality audio—welcome to the A Pod!  The A Pod is a self-service audio recording booth, open to everybody. 🎙📀  You can book a time to use the A Pod via Takeout.Aalto.fi, and you can check out our self-service introduction and tutorial videos on our website! 🎙🖥
Behind the scenes filming an on-location interview in Väre earlier this week! 
Wherever we need to go, our gear comes with us. On-location shoots add an extra level of authenticity and depth to your footage. Contact to book your video production with us!
With a new year, comes exciting new beginnings on the horizon! 🙌  This past week, our team was given an architectural tour for the brand new Marsio building currently under construction here in Otaniemi, at Otakaari 2A. 
Marsio will be the future home of @aaltostudios and our AV production team facilities, scheduled to be completed at the end of 2023. 
Our newest service available here at @aaltostudios is the Hybrid Stage—your one-stop venue for live hybrid events, including panel discussions, Q&As with live and virtual audiences, presentations and speeches—right here in the heart of campus at the University Learning Centre. 👩‍🎓⚡️📚  We’ve already had the pleasure of producing a number of events this Autumn, and we’re looking forward to all that’s to come in the Spring! 🙌  Wondering if your event in 2023 could be hosted on the hybrid stage? Contact us and let’s make it happen! 🎙📡💡
Drum roll: The cat (with a little help) has now performed the raffle of the prize winner from our feedback survey!
We have contacted the lucky winner of 10 x Factory lunch coupons personally.  We would also like to let you all know that we have taken your feedback in our hearts and some of your wishes have already been heard:  •	Welcome to the Open Day at Makerspace 08.12.2022 at 14.00-16.00 
More info: https://studios.aalto.fi/mediaspace-open-day-on-podcast-production-and-vr-hub/
We plan to have these types of events once a month every time with different emphasis.  - Mini Studio days coming soon!
- Improved features and location for A Pod
- Improved UI/UX for Takeout
- A Pod and Self Service Studio now bookable in Takeout
- Future production and scriptwriting workshops  We sincerely thank you for answering and wish you a lot of energy for the last weeks before the holiday season!  Studios AV and Web -team  #aaltouniversity #aaltostudios
🎥⚡️We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here in the AV Productions team! 
Here’s a setup in the Mini Studio one of our team members snapped this week while setting up for a shoot. 
Interested in your own video production? Contact us for inquiries! 🔗❣️  #aaltouniversity #aaltostudios
TODAY 13:00-16:00:  Join us for our Hybrid Stage Housewarming event! We’ll be celebrating the preparation of this brand new state-of-the-art technology at @aaltostudios.  Come see us in-person at our facilities in the Harald Herlin Learning Centre at Otaniementie 9 on the K-floor Space to hear speeches from distinguished individuals from both Aalto and the wider international community of creative technology resources, and to talk to our AV specialists about our services—including the Self Service Studio, Mini Studio, A Pod, and VR Hub, as well as the rest of our AV production services.  Seeing as this is indeed a hybrid stage, you can also join the @aaltodigitalcreatives stream 14:00-16:00 via the link in bio!  Looking forward to seeing you!  #aaltostudios #aaltouniversity
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