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Learn how your project could benefit from our services and how you can guide us in developing new, better, previously unseen resources for all.

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For events and performances that need high end audiovisual fidelity, easy public access and no-hassle catering.

  • Marsio Stage

    The premiere event space at Aalto University, at the heart of the Otaniemi campus.
  • Marsio Cinema

    A full-fledged movie theatre with 150 comfortable seats, high quality 4K laser projection, a Dolby Atmos…
  • Event Studio

    Can be used by itself as a black box venue, or paired up with the stage…
  • Marsio Living Room

    An open area for working, studying and gathering over coffee
  • Visualization Hub

    Bring in a group of people for a shared immersive audiovisual experience. The Visualization Hub features…
  • Sun Deck

    An outside rooftop space for small events and get-togethers. This space will open later in 2024.


From simple self-service points all the way to large professional environments.

  • Digital Studio

    A high end production and research facility for capturing image, sound and…
  • Event Studio

    Can be used by itself as a black box venue, or paired…
  • Self Service Studio

    A ready-to-use setup for quickly capturing presentations and creating lecture materials, all…
  • Podcast Studio

    Comfy space for easily recording audio, with room for 4 participants
  • Extended Reality Studio

    Production workstations and free space for XR productions and tests
  • A Pod

    Easy-to-access 2 person pod, with great sound insulation, for podcasting, narration and…
  • Experimental Studios

    Seven rooms for heavy duty experimental projects, with industrial grade durability
  • Sound Recording

    A pair of acoustically excellent recording areas, connected to our post-production network
  • Teaching Studio

    A small stage for digitalization of learning, with great cameras and vision…
  • Mini Studio

    Shoot a photo or video in a small, but very black room,…
  • Lightboard Studio

    Create lecture videos while writing and sketching full screen, in luminous lines…
  • Remote Teaching Studios

    Video conference in peace, with good light, sound and a green screen


Our experts can help you find your way.

  • Aalto Studios Takeout

    Borrow a camera, or ten. And lights and mics and VR headsets and all the things…
  • AV Production Service

    When planning to produce audiovisual content, take a moment to pre-plan a roadmap and find resources…
  • Research Facilitation

    Creative sector projects are increasingly more transdisciplinary and multi-cultural in nature. We can help you find…

    What more could you do in virtual and extended realities? Ever wondered how to measure and observe people…
  • Aalto Digital Creatives

    Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program aims to help creative industry students, researchers and practitioners on their…
  • Web Studio

    Get dedicated personal assistance with anything Internet. No project too small, no idea too big.
  • Creative Technologies

    Watch the seminar (in Finnish) online on March 6 2024. Miten tekoäly muuttaa työtä? Hybrid event…
  • Training

    We’d love to help you learn how to use all our resources, even if starting from…
  • Course and production bookings

    Get to know the new and old Aalto Studios facilities across the campus, then get in…


Edit, create and experiment with any media.

  • Sound Laboratory

    Experimental audio mixing and monitoring space, in connection with our Sound Recording rooms
  • Surround Edit

    High-end audio post-processing space, in connection with our other production spaces
  • Colour Grading Suite

    Dedicated colour grading room for video post-production
  • ABL Measurement Rooms

    Aalto Behavioural Laboratory monitoring and stimulus systems for behavioural and user experience studies
  • Audio Edits

    Our production and post-production facilities range from small sound edits to large, professional high end environments.
  • Video Edits

    Equipped with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere CC our video edits provide an environment for…
  • Master Mixing Stage

    An 11.1.4 speaker setup featuring Meyer Sound gear and a 4 x 2m projection screen for…
  • Foley Mixing Stage

    Our completely sound proof, 45 m2 foley stage has everything you need to create an audio…


Build, make, weld, sew and much more.

  • Aalto Fablab

    Aalto Fablab is the digital fabrication laboratory of the Aalto University. It is based on the classic MIT Fab Lab…
  • Set Design Workshop

    Need to paint large surfaces? Looking for a place for welding or wood work? Our multi-purpose set…
  • Costume Workshop

    Be it a performance, film, installation or a research project into wearable tech, we are here…
  • Atelier, Classroom 377

    The Atelier is a group teaching space next to Aalto Studios Workshops. It serves well the…


Work with us at Aalto Studios, with our resources and thematic funding.

  • EMIL

    European Media and Immersion Lab (EMIL) is an Extended Reality (XR) related network composed of four major European…
  • CoCoon

    The project Cocoon is a Erasmus+ Forward-lookin project that started in the beginning of 2023 and…
  • Aalto Takeout

    Aalto Takeout is a web service that lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from…
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