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  • Costume Workshop Orientation

    Costume Workshop Orientation

    Working independently in the Costume Workshop premises requires a successfully completed orientation course. Please choose from the alternatives below. The online…

  • Set Design Workshop Orientation

    Set Design Workshop Orientation

    Working in the Set Design Workshop requires orientation to the occupational safety instructions and the use of the equipment. Please choose…

  • Fablab Orientation

    Fablab Orientation

    There are several ways how you can learn more about and get access to Aalto Fablab. 1. Introduction Sessions We offer…

  • Audio Edit Permit Course

    Audio Edit Permit Course

    Gain access to our audio edits by completing this introductory course. At this time we don’t have any scheduled sessions. Contact…

  • Arri Amira camera course

    Arri Amira camera course

    Learn to get the most out of these professional cameras and obtain the required permit for borrowing them for your projects.…

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