CoCoon is a strategic alliance that combines research on biology, education, bio-design and innovative infrastructures to contribute to the second priority of the ERASMUS+ Forward-Looking Projects: supporting education and training systems to adapt to the green transition. 

The green transition resonates with the consortium as a shared mission that brought the CoCoon alliance together. Each striving to implement green practices into education and innovation systems is the common denominator within the alliance. In contrast each partner works with different target groups to promote education and innovation. CoCoon aims to foster these ground-breaking methods and structure them into comprehensive skills of bio design.

The project will identify suitable living bio-based solutions used to produce materials that replace fossil based materials. CoCoon will develop methodologies, pilots and test processes for teaching bio-design to educators and students at universities, vocational schools and life-long learners; systematise procedures for implementation in the curricula of different learning systems. The objective is to increase awareness of the most promising existing technologies globally and empower people to find alternative ways of making more environmentally sustainable products. It also advocates sustainable open access policy to workshops (Green Labs) that enable the innovative use of bio-based products and materials.

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Tuesday 12 September 2023

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Project Details

CoCoon – Co-creating Greener Futures: Developing and Transferring Innovative Bio-Design Modules for education to Accelerate the Green Transition (CoCoon), funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS + Forward looking projects, under the grant agreement No 101087204.

36 months

  • Juhani Tenhunen
    Juhani Tenhunen

    International Projects and Collaboration, VR Interest Group Coordination

    +358 50 518 4087

  • Ena Naito
    Ena Naito

    Doctoral Researcher

    +358 50 464 4304

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