Moving to Marsio

Moving to Marsio

During spring 2024, we will temporarily close many Aalto Studios facilities around campus, as we prepare to reopen them in the new Marsio building later this year. Here you’ll find the latest schedules (subject to change).


Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Hybrid Stage2.2.2024
Self Service Studio7.6.2024
A Pod7.6.2024
Mini Studio31.5.2024
VR Hub7.6.2024

Maarintie 8 (TUAS-talo)

Odeion18.3.2024 (will be handed over to Aalto IT) *

Otakaari 7

VR Studio 3.6.2024
Visualization Hub22.4.2024
Aalto Studios Takeout6.5.2024
Colour Grading Suite18.3.2024
IT Classroom 253-25520.5.2024
Animation Spaces7.6.2024
IT Classroom Tarkovski20.5.2024
Experimental Studio14.6.2024


Studio 310.6.2024 (limitations apply starting 1.2.2024)


Väre Takeout6.5.2024
G203 (Experimental Studio)14.6.2024


The Marsio building will open in the fall of 2024. Reservations for the new spaces are not yet available, as all dates are still subject to change. Course bookings for the coming year are covered by our Course and Production Bookings process.

Väre Takeout and Aalto Studios Takeout will merge to form a new service point in the Marsio building.

* The Odeion Screening Auditorium will be handed over to Aalto IT, available for bookings starting 1.4.2024.

Contact us for more details as needed.

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