Video is a very important tool in digitalization of learning and teaching and many programs at Aalto University is looking into developing online learning processes. Many courses are already offering blended learning format teaching – combing both contact and online learning methods.

Video production at Aalto University is rising fast, and its, therefore, becoming a requirement for many educators and staff members to present on video. The 8 educational videos called “Blended Learning” is a shortcut to learn the skills you need to succeed as a video presenter.

To get ahead of the trend Aalto Studios in collaboration with Learning Services (LES) and funded by IT Services, have produced 8 videos to teach educational staff at Aalto how to get your message through on video: “The videos are tool to prepare Aalto employees to do their own videos.” explains Helena Bäckman producer at Aalto Studios. She continued to explain that the videos give you the skills to understand how content is best communicated in videos. Having this mindset before planning video lectures can help educational staff to use all the advantages videos provide.

Aalto studios support has played a crucial role in the success of the Blended Learning production. Aalto Studios have been leading and resourcing the production, from start to end. This has ensured that everything has been running smoothly from a technical perspective. In addition, have the collaboration between the presenter Paul Savage and LES taken the production to a higher level. Paul Savage brought is knowledge as a stage actor, as well as a professional coach for performing and LES, helped with knowledge and skills.