Roihupelto Studios, Studio 3

General Rules

  • Before using ANY technical equipment ask for instructions from our studio staff
  • Eating and drinking in the studio and control rooms is forbidden
  • Clean the space after your production, all the equipment should return to their original locations
  • Working hours must be sorted out and agreed to with studio staff in advance
  • 60 people is the maximum amount of people allowed in the studio space
  • You must have house permission in advance to have more than 60 people in the studio
  • Technical staff needs to be present at the studio during every production
  • Long working hours must be sorted out in advance
  • Last person must switch on the house alarm system
  • All tapes and marks on the floors and walls must be removed after production
  • Upstairs makeup room must be booked separately
  • Upstairs meeting room near toilet must be booked separately
  • If you’re working with fire, candles etc., you must have written permission from house owner Gustafsberg Oy
  • Studio is equipped with a water sprinkler system, don’t touch the pipes or sprinklers
  • Smoking in the studio is forbidden


  • Use lifts / trusses only after staff instructions
  • Chain lifts are 500kg per lift
  • All rigging points on the roof are 500kg per point
  • Take care when using lifts to avoid hitting any water sprinkler system
  • If you’re working with suspending people in the air during production, you must hire a special effects operator to supervise the suspension

Rigging and Sets

  • Lights must be rigged safely to trusses and clamp screw must be tightened
  • Safety wires must be used in every rigging on the trusses / roof
  • Every light must have safety wire on the lamp / truss
  • Every light barn door must have its own safety wire on the lamp
  • Sets / equipment can’t be in front of exits. Keep exits clear
  • Sets must be as ready as possible before coming to the studio
  • Set building / painting must happen in wood workshop, not in the studio
  • All dust work, spray painting etc. is forbidden
  • Using water, fire, dust and other dirty materials must be sorted out with staff in advance

Green Screen

  • Green screen must be covered if it isn’t in use
  • Green screen floor and wall is very sensitive. Remove all markers and tapes after production.
  • Remove shoes before walking on the green screen floor
  • Be careful with set parts in green screen


  • Remember to switch heating on for night time (also during the summer)
  • There are two heating switches on the studio space.
    • Heating control 1 is behind the green screen to the left of the green screen wall.
    • Heating control 2 is to the right of the studio door. On the lunch break during the winter it is good to switch the heating on.

Air Ventilation

  • It is possible to switch the air conditioning off during takes. The wireless button is in the studio space to the left of the studio door. Remember to switch it on during the breaks when you are not recording.


  • The Rescue Plan is in the second floor’s teaching / eating space. Every person that is working in the studio without studio staff should be familiar with the rescue plan
  • The Last person leaving the studio should make sure that all power plugs from the studio space’s electricity panel are unplugged
  • Working alone in the studio is not allowed

Doors and Keys

  • Heating must be switched on.
  • All doors must be shut
  • Lights must be switched off. Switch to the left of the studio door.
  • The front exit must be locked and alarm must be switched on if you are the last person leaving the building.

Studio Masters

Bjarke Aalto +358 50 5056572
Toni Tolin +358 50 3713872

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