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Art & Tech Gala 2023

Welcome to the Aalto Digital Creatives Art & Tech Gala. In this event, the Art & Tech Open Call winners from 2020-2022 showcase their projects in on-stage presentations and off-stage demos.

The annual Art & Tech Open Call offers audiovisual, design, gaming and other cutting-edge projects an opportunity to apply for development funding and a chance to use Aalto Studios’ state-of-the art production facilities. In this hybrid gala event, the winning teams of 2020-2022 showcase their projects and how they have utilised the support from Aalto University.

The Art & Tech Gala takes place on Aalto Studios’ new Hybrid Stage enabling remote participation via streaming.

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During the event day, the audience has the chance to experience three project demos. Prior to the Art & Tech Gala’s stage program, we welcome you to join two of the pre-event demos which take place in the Experimental Studio and in the Visualisation Hub, a 360-degree projection area using Igloo Vision technology for a shared immersive experience. Please make sure to register for the pre-event demos separately. The third demo takes place in the VR Hub, next to the Hybrid stage, after the stage presentations.

Art & Tech Gala – register here

Pre-event demos – register here

The Art & Tech Open Call is part of the Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program tailored for the creative industries.


Pre-event demos | 11.00–13.00

Visualisation Hub and Experimental Studio | Otakaari 7, Espoo   

Theatrical Voice 3.0 (30 minutes / demo)

VR Nature Experiments for Patients in Terminal Care (15 minutes / demo)

Art & Tech Gala | 14.00–16.00

Online & Hybrid Stage | Hybrid Stage, Otaniementie 9, Espoo

Tom House the VR Experience

Tom House the VR Experience is an interactive virtual reality documentary piece that immerses the viewer into the rooms of 1421 Laveta Terrace, better known as Tom House. It is the Los Angeles residence of late Finnish artist Tom of Finland (1920 – 1991), where he mastered his artwork and lived over the last decade of his life.

VR Nature Experiments for Patients in Terminal Care

Accessing nature with VR – a pilot project for terminal care units in Turku and how it spread further.

Artificial Designer

Artificial Designer is a machine which can design and make clothing automatically, without any human help.

Theatrical Voice 3.0

What kinds of possibilities sensors and data that is produced by a performer’s body and one’s artistic choices bring along to the performative situation? How could the voice be represented in new ways in theater and performing art stages? What is the Theatrical Voice 3.0 like?

Making Art in My Dreams

Follow a theremin player, a visual artist and a poet on a wild journey in their work and dreams. A virtual reality experience in production stage.

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