At the Aalto Studios Gallery, a new exhibition from the costume design students at the Department of Film Television and Scenography.

Materials as Expressions in Costume Design

Material plays a role in the costume design when building up a role for the actor or actress. The materials in a costume have visual and narrative roles in the performance: they create the world of the performance and the style of the costume, and tell about the era, the passage of time, the social status and nature of the character. The texture, feel and smell of the material can evoke feelings and memories. By choosing and modifying materials, the costume designer creates a multi-sensory experience for both the viewer and the performer, and builds credible roles for the show.

The exhibition combines material experiments produced by costume design students of Department of Film Television and Scenography.

Students: Meri Craig, Aurora Frestadius, Suvi Kajas, Emma Korhonen, Hilla Ruuska
Supervising teachers: Merja Väisänen, Sanja Kangas
Production control: Johanna Ilmarinen