New state of the art 3D scanners available

With the help of MAGICS project funding by the Academy of Finland, Aalto Studios has been able to acquire a completely new type of shared technology to support research. One newly received set of devices consists of a Riegl VZ-400i laser scanner and an Artec Leo 3D handheld scanner. 

The RIEGL VZ-400i is a cutting-edge 3D Laser Scanning System which combines a future-oriented, innovative new processing architecture and internet connectivity with RIEGL’s latest waveform processing LiDAR technology. The Artec Leo makes 3D scanning easier than ever before since user can see a scanned object projected in 3D directly on the HD display. 

“For the field of architecture/landscape architecture and urban studies, especially the Riegl Scanner is opening up possibilities to bridge between reality and the virtual design process. Due to the availability of various environmental data packages, the integration of these site-specific data packages into high resolution point clouds allows for a new workflow for spatial designing and speculating on future scenarios. Within research we are looking into ways, how point cloud models can be the basis of immersive VR design processes, which allow for a real-time simulation and 1:1 scale design experience. The availability and accessibility of the scanner will allow us to integrate the scanning process as a hands-on experience in the field with students, it will change their way how they observe the natural surrounding and how they will interact with the specificity of a site during their design workflow”, says professor Pia Fricker from the Department of Architecture

The Artec Leo handheld scanner is useful for small scale objects and will allow for a quick back and forth between rough model making by hand and further post-production in the CAD environment. 

These scanners will be available on Aalto Takeout. Aalto community and MAGICS partners will be able to book them for their projects at

“Aalto Fablab will be the pickup and return point for the hardware and post processing software. We will also provide an introduction training for the equipment and a user guide in My Courses. We are currently scheduling for an online training for the Artec Leo together with the product retailer AIPWorks”, says Aalto Fablab Manager Solomon Embafrash

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