Biodesign Diagnostic Co-creation Workshop – focus on needs for change and improvement

What is the state of bio-design now, and what could it become in the future? Join the CoCoon Workshop to develop green practices for education, featuring keynote speakers by leading experts working with innovative approaches towards the future of environmentally-sustainable creative societies. The interactive half-day workshop brings together creatives, policymakers, educators, students, and other stakeholders …


The project Cocoon is a Erasmus+ Forward-lookin project that started in the beginning of 2023 and will end at the end of 2025.

Events and partnerships

Let us find partnership opportunities for you. Aalto Studios is actively carrying out projects, productions and events with several media industry partners in Finland.  If you have an idea, a business plan or would just like to get better connected, we can assist in finding a perfect match from our extensive networks.

Ari Kivimäki

Ari is the Senior Manager in charge of Aalto Studios partnerships – both internally and externally. He has a long background as a new business developer and can advice startups in the area of creative industries, based on his experience at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and new business centers. He has also been a …

Juhani Tenhunen

With lots of experience in academic matters at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Juhani oversees our international projects that bring together students and researchers from around the globe.