Introducing Art & Tech Open Call ’22 finalists

This year, the Aalto Digital Creatives Art & Tech Open Call final takes place on stage at the Media Lab Demo Day event on 1.6.2022. The jury has selected nine projects into the final where each team must give a pitch in front of a live audience. The teams have a short window of three minutes to present their projects and convince the jury of why they should be selected for the development grant.  

The yearly Art & Tech Open Call, which seeks audiovisual, design, gaming and other cutting-edge projects, grants selected teams development funding between EUR 5000 and 25 000. This is the first time The Art & Tech Open Call final is organized as a part of Media Lab Demo Day’s program.  The finalists for the Art & Tech Open Call ’22 are: 

AR Flashlight Escape Room – Vatte Wikström 

In this project the Augmented Reality Flashlight will be used to bring additional content into the shared social space which will uncover a parallel hidden world. This technology will then be developed for an escape room game.  

Artificial Designer – Matti Liimatainen 

The Artificial Designer is a clothing label created by a machine which designs and fabricates clothing automatically without help from humans. The project explores how science might be used to advance art.  

FOLD.PSY – Valtteri Bade 

Fold.Psy uses biometric feedback for creating a VR experience that adapts to the user’s feelings and responses. The project explores the possibilities of using VR for relaxing and how such an experience might be used to advance relaxing and wellbeing. 

Love Simulation Eve – Eero Tiainen 

In this science-fictional VR game, players are called into a more loving life. Through offering players “micro-loving encounters”, Love Simulation Eve reminds players that everyone has the power of love inside them.  

Making Art in My Dreams – Leena Jääskeläinen 

Making Art in My Dreams is an animated VR documentary about the relationship and boundaries between creative work and dreaming. This VR experience aims at exploring what it might be like to enter someone else’s dreams. 

Mutations – Jukka Karhula 

Mutations is an immersive sound and light experience where participants get to coauthor a music piece which they can then share on social media. The piece of music is composed by participants’ movements through a physical space. 

Suru – Tia Nylander 

In the Suru project, storytelling and music are combined with artificial intelligence and motion capture. The aim of Suru is to become an interactive friend who brings music and company to those who need it.  

Theatrical voice 3.0 – Hanna Rajakangas 

Theatrical Voice 3.0 aims at finding new ways for representing sound on stage. To achieve this the project explores, develops and tests an immersive multichannel sound environment for performing arts.  

Virtual personas / Studio Killers – Jana Turk 

This project develops virtual personas based on Studio Killers Style Battle game. The goal is to make a 2.0 version of the game by using AR and motion capture technology that allows users to create their virtual personas and use them across all social media platforms.  

For more information on Media Lab Demo Day 1.6.2022, visit the Demo Day website.  

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