The different ways of teleprompting in Mini Studio.

  • Upcoming Aalto Studios Teleprompter System
  • Open Broadcaster Software
  • Ipad (make sure it is fully charged before the shooting day) with Teleprompter App

Upcoming Aalto Studios Teleprompter System

Coming soon™

Open Broadcaster Software

Needed equipment:

  • Mac Laptop with OBS installed and access to the Internet
  • Ipad (make sure it is fully charged before the shooting day)
  • Right Cables(list them here?)


  1. Insert the Ipad to the teleprompter rack in front of the camera
  2. Connect the Ipad to the laptop and use it as the second monitor.
  3. Launch OBS on the laptop
  4. In OBS, drag the video preview from the border to flip in the image horizontally.
  5. In OBS, right click the video preview and select to preview fullscreen on second monitor.
  6. Open a text scrolling app: for example. Copy paste the script to the app.
  7. Adjust the framing and scaling on OBS to make all text visible.
  8. Start using the teleprompter. All content that is visible on laptop should now also be visible on the Ipad (but flipped horizontally, which means it looks correct on the mirror in front of the camera).

Sometimes OBS crashes on the Mac laptop, but it usually happens only once or twice and at the start of each session.

Ipad with Teleprompter App

Note: This setup is more reliable with a separate teleprompter operator. The camera operator should be at the camera making sure the talent stays in the correct position and monitoring the audio.

The teleprompter operator can only set the speed beforehand and slow it down by stopping and resuming. Going back in the script (to have another take after mistake for example) requires the operator to physically move and touch the Ipad to scroll the script to the beginning.

Needed equipment:

  • Ipad with a teleprompter app (insert name here)
  • Bluetooth Keyboard to connect to the Ipad
  • Separate person to operate the teleprompter via keyboard (the videographer operates the camera)


  1. Connect the keyboard to the Ipad via Bluetooth.
  2. The teleprompter operator with the Bluetooth Keyboard goes next to the talent outside the frame.
  3. Start using the teleprompter.