Upcoming clearing of our old gear as we prepare to move a lot of activities to the Marsio building in 2024.

Tuesday March 26th (and the next day too)

The huge Otakaari 5L building hosts our two day sales event, featuring audiovisual production gear, IT equipment and related accessories at unbeatable clearance prices. You’ll also find snacks and beverages, so even more reason to pop in.


Find Otakaari 5L, Espoo on OpenStreetMap, Apple Maps or Google Maps. It’s a short walk from the Otaniemi metro station along Otakaari.

Limited parking is available.


The full listing will be available as a PDF document here. We’ll also add some highlights to this page.

Online auction

We are adding items for online sale before and after the event at Kiertonet. You can bid already, so go have a look!