Planning an international development or research project? Need to find partners at Aalto University?

We’re always looking for new forms of media and art and aspire to create collaboration projects not just within Aalto University, but also in Europe and beyond! We build, execute and manage digital and cross-media, AR and VR development projects together with many units and departments at Aalto University. If you have an interesting idea and are looking for partners, please, get in touch. Contact as early on in your project, as we can help with the planning and have several financing leads always ongoing.

Our networks outside Aalto include the best universities and media centres in Europe, Russia and the U.S. Currently we are working with partners such as Finnish-Russian Pilot Project, ACE Producers, Renewable Futures, Hybrid Labs and Design or Die.

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To find out how your project could benefit from our resources, set an appointment with Juhani Tenhunen.