Your own Podcast Channel

The Aalto Studios A Pod let’s your record and edit your own Podcast episodes, but where do you host your show? Where do you publish the episodes so that Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the other directories can pick them up? We have just the thing, the service, with built-in Web Studio consultation and help. …

Remote Keynote Presentation

Don’t have the time or willingness to travel? Have your speech and slideshow happen live from our campus to the audience on the other side of the globe. Reserve enough time for planning, so the platform and it’s interactive features can be researched and tested together with the hosting event organization well before the presentation. …

Costume Lending

Our wardrobe plays an important part in all Aalto Studios’ operations providing costumes for film shootings, performances, course experimentations, photoshoots, installations, sound recordings, actor rehearsals, art education projects and a lot more. The Wardrobe stores a great variety of daily wear costumes, shoes and accessories from past few decades. The usage of the wardrobe includes …

Dyeing and Surface Manipulation

With a background in stagecraft and film production, we provide consultation and spaces for working with colors and surface elaboration for mainly costumes, but textiles in general, too.  We typically work with dyes, ageing techniques and direct painting, using fabric dyes but are always open to experimentation. Our wet lab has been used for e.g. …

Events and partnerships

Let us find partnership opportunities for you. Aalto Studios is actively carrying out projects, productions and events with several media industry partners in Finland.  If you have an idea, a business plan or would just like to get better connected, we can assist in finding a perfect match from our extensive networks.

Educational video using Panopto

Walk in, start recording, and at the end receive a video file with optional captures of presentation slides and notes included. The Aalto Panopto service is the University’s educational video platform of choice, and we’ve built the Self Service Studio to provide a dedicated place for recording lectures, instructional video and other presentations.

VR Theme Day

Let us tailor a session of demos and experimentation for your group, along with optional catering and other amenities.

Build a Learning Event

Aalto Learning Services can help you find new ways to use extended reality tools to try out on your courses.