With a background in stagecraft and film production, we provide consultation and spaces for working with colors and surface elaboration for mainly costumes, but textiles in general, too. 

We typically work with dyes, ageing techniques and direct painting, using fabric dyes but are always open to experimentation. Our wet lab has been used for e.g. Biocolors research project and material tests for underwater shootings and special make-ups.

Although we try to avoid hard chemicals and keep the working environment easy to access, the introduction is required. Please see the related safety and health instructions in advance. 

Be in contact with the Workshop Master for getting the orientation and permission to use the space. Working is possible on Monday to Friday 9 to 16.


Dyeing studio’s features:

  • a washing machine with dyeing programs
  • variety of kettles for hand dyeing
  • a spin dryer
  • a tumble dryer, drying area and cabinet
  • a splash proof wet work area for painting directly on mannequins and other structures
  • a large sink for wet processes like felting
  • Dylon dyes


When course reservations occur, other bookings are not possible. Always contact the Workshop master for reservations and fill in the project notification form.

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