Working independently in the Costume Workshop premises requires a successfully completed orientation course. Please choose from the alternatives below. The online course can be scheduled freely and is therefore the most popular option.

1: Online orientation + practical exercises

Please enroll to the course in MyCourses and follow the instructions. After finishing the online orientation, schedule the practical exercises (1.5h->) with the Workshop Master to accomplish the course. Course is designed for the users, who need a wide range of Costume workshop facilities and want to work independently.
Enroll to the course via “Syllabus” button on the left, no enrolment key is needed.

Work permission: Full

  • Costume Workshop

2: Course, 1 week contact teaching

The course includes all wood and metalworking machinery as well as sewing machines and includes a lot of practical training. The course is optimized for the users who need a wide range of workshop facilities and equipment. Please note, the Dyeing Studio is not included. Please enroll to the course in Sisu: .

ELO-C5031 Työpajat ja työturvallisuus

Work permission:  Full

  • Set Design Workshop
  • Sewing studio

3: Machine specific orientation + related self-study material

If your needs are minor and for a short period, machine specific orientation is provided. Please note, the work permission too is machine specific, and working is possible only when the Workshop Master is present. Please be in contact with the Workshop Master and study the related user guide.For everyone interested, a lot of useful online learning material is available in MyCourses e.g. How to use industrial sewing machines and Basics of dyeing.