The sewing studio offers spacious and well-equipped room for patterning, fabric cutting, product construction, sewing and fitting. Wide tables and a fitting area with the big mirrors form the heart of the space.

Basic blocks, rulers, papers and mannequins are available for pattern making and draping. The Grafis patterning program serves advanced patternmakers.

A spacious fitting area with make-up facilities makes the fitting a pleasant experience for the customer and when necessary, for a bigger production group. While others are fitting the rest can lay down on a sofa and envision.

The studio is fully equipped with industrial sewing machines and iron facilities which make your work process easy and enjoyable. But no need to worry, if something feels tricky our Workshop Master is there to help.

Working is possible on weekdays between 9-16 and after completing the orientation course every day between 8-20. Be in contact with the Workshop Master for getting the orientation and permission to use the space. Check the availability from the calendar and take a closer look related user guides.


Sewing Studio’s features:

  • a large, sunlit table area for pattern making and cutting 
  • 25m2 fitting area
  • industrial sewing machines
  • steam iron unit and heat press
  • Grafis pattern making software and plotter printer
  • Mannequins 1:1 and 1:2
  • Hat blocks
  • Make-up mirrors with lights
  • Library of material samples and special techniques


Please note that there can be several overlapping projects going on at the same time. When course reservations occur, other bookings aren’t possible. Always contact the Workshop master to make the reservations and fill in the project notification form.