Fablab Orientation

The Fablab is a shared space, and can be used in combination with any course that requires digital fabrication. We offer introduction sessions for those who want to get started with a specific machine and Fab Academy to those who want to learn to use the fab lab to its fullest. Introduction Sessions We are …

Set Design Workshop Orientation

Working in the Set Design Workshop requires orientation to the occupational safety instructions and the use of the equipment. Please choose the best option for your needs from the alternatives below.  1: Online orientation + machine specific training In MyCourses, complete the sections 1-3, and watch the device videos according to your needs. Then schedule the …

Costume Workshop Orientation

Working independently in the Costume Workshop premises requires a successfully completed orientation course. Please choose from the alternatives below. The online course can be scheduled freely and is therefore the most popular option. 1: Online orientation + practical exercises Please enroll to the course in MyCourses and follow the instructions. After finishing the online orientation, …

Arri Amira camera course

Learn to get the most out of these professional cameras and obtain the required permit for borrowing them for your projects. These courses are arranged periodically based on demand. Contact our Takeout Equipment office to be notified.

Lightboard Open Day

Walk in to see and try our Lightboard in action! Our resident experts can help you find ways to integrate this tool to your teaching, projects and presentations.