Introducing the machine

Fablab Orientation


There are several ways how you can learn more about and get access to Aalto Fablab.

  1. Introduction Sessions
  2. Fab Academy and Courses
  3. Independent Work

1. Introduction Sessions

We offer several different introduction sessions depending on how much you know about Aalto Fablab and fab labs in general.

  • Choose Fablab Tour if you have not been here.
  • Pick one of machine introduction sessions if you want to learn about a specific machine. You need to join an introduction session to acquire a permit to be able to book the machine even if you have some experience with it elsewhere.
  • Select the Project Consulting option if you need advice for your project.

2. Fab Academy and Courses

The Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience where students learn rapid-prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments.

Fab Academy is way to connect to the global fab lab network an it takes 18 intensive hands-on weeks to learn everything that a fab lab can do. You can join the Fab Academy at the Aalto Fablab in 2 ways.

2.1. via Digital Fabrication courses

There are official courses available from the Aalto Media Lab curriculum that let students join courses designed as an academic overlay of the Fab Academy. There are 3 courses that cover 6 topics each and the final project development.

Click on the links or use the Aalto University Sisu system to look up the courses!

2.2. via official Fab Academy

For those who are not part of Aalto University there is the official way to join the Fab Academy. Head over to the official Fab Academy site and fill in the application form. Do not forget to select Aalto Fablab as your node!

3. Independent Work

Once you know how the lab operates and you want to use it for your own projects, use TakeOut to book a machine or schedule an project consulting session with us.

Contact information
  • Solomon_Embafrash
    Solomon Embafrash

    Aalto Fablab Manager

  • Krisjanis Rijnieks

    Fablab Master

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