The Epilog Legend 36EXT laser cutter is one of the most beloved machines at the Aalto Fablab. It features a 60 Watt CO2 laser capable of cutting through 6 mm wood or 10 mm acrylics sheets up to a size of 914 x 610 mm as well as engraving.

What can I make with it?

Starting from simple things such as badges with single or double-sided engravings and parts for simple geometric finger-joint boxes to complex cuts for architecture scale models or mechanical design.

What materials can I use?

Generally materials available at the Aalto Fablab are recommended. Consult this manual to make sure you are not attempting to cut toxic materials. Be aware that C in PVC stands for chloride and when laser-cut, toxic chlorine gas is being released. Below a list of materials we have. Please consult the Aalto Fablab Material Guide for more details.

  • Plywood, wood (up to 6 mm thick)
  • MDF (up to 6 mm thick)
  • Acrylics (up to 10 mm thick)
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Leather
  • Fabrics
  • Ceramics and glass (for engraving only)

How can I get access?

Aalto students and staff as well as members can use Aalto Takeout to book it during opening hours. If you are cutting for the first time, make sure you contact the Aalto Fablab workshop master to schedule demo time. To make things easier for you and the workshop master, make sure you have watched the instructional videos.

Who can help me?

Aalto Fablab workshop master and staff. Please consult the Aalto Fablab main page to see who is currently in charge. Make sure that you have watched the video guides in the Instructions section. It is highly possible that the answer you are looking for can be found there.


There are many ways you can use this machine. Here is a summary in the form of links to instruction videos. Make sure you watch the videos if you are using the machine for the first time.


Type: CO2 laser 60 Watt
Cutting area: 914 x 610 mm
Max height: 305 mm
Software: Adobe Illustrator
File formats: AI, SVG, DXF, PDF