CNC Precision Milling Machine Roland Modela MDX-40

Roland Modela MDX-40 is a versatile milling machine that can be useful for many precision milling tasks. It has 1/100 mm resolution which can be useful when producing high-detail objects.

What can I make with it?

From simple projects such as engraving text in a piece of wood to PCB milling (removal of copper from a copper-covered FR1 clad), 3D milling modelling wax for high precision silicone molds or small-scale 3D objects with the help of the optional 4th axis.

What materials can I use?

Below is a list of materials we typically use with the machine at the Aalto Fablab. Please consult Aalto Fablab Material Guide for more details.

  • Modelling wax
  • Sikablock (Polyurethane block)
  • FR1 copper clad
  • Wood
  • Plastics

How can I get access?

Aalto students and staff as well as members can use Aalto Takeout to book it during opening hours. If you are cutting for the first time, make sure you contact the Aalto Fablab workshop master to schedule demo time. To make things easier for you and the workshop master, make sure you have watched the instructional videos.

Who can help me?

Aalto Fablab workshop master and staff. Please consult the Aalto Fablab main page to see who is currently in charge. Make sure that you have watched the video guides in the Instructions section. It is highly possible that the answer you are looking for can be found there.


There are many ways you can use this machine. Here is a summary in the form of links to instruction videos. Make sure you watch the videos if you are using the machine for the first time.


Model: Roland MDX-40
Type: 4-axis milling machine
Working volume: 305 x 305 x 105 mm
Tool diameter: 0.2 – 6 mm (V bit and 32 mm face mill also available)
Software: Fusion 360, Mods, FlatCAM, VPanel

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