Set Design Workshop Orientation


Working in the Set Design Workshop requires orientation to the occupational safety instructions and the use of the equipment. Please choose the best option for your needs from the alternatives below. 

1: Online orientation + machine specific training

In MyCourses, complete the sections 1-3, and watch the device videos according to your needs. Then schedule the machine-specific training (1 h->) with the Workshop Master on site.

The orientation is designed for the users who won’t need all the equipment at once or they have accomplished the orientation in similar Aalto Workshop environment. You can study machines one by one along with your studies.
Enroll to the course via the “Syllabus” button on the left, no enrollment key is needed.

Work permission: Limited

  • Set Design Workshop facilities.
  • The machine(s), which you have been trained.

2: Course, 1 week contact teaching

The course includes all wood and metalworking machinery as well as sewing machines and includes a lot of practical training. The course is optimized for the users who need a wide range of workshop facilities and equipment. Please enroll to the course in Sisu (

ELO-C5031 Työpajat ja työturvallisuus. 

Work permisson: Full

  • Set Design Workshops facilities and equipment.
  • Sewing Studio. 

3: Light orientation

The orientation is optimal for the courses and projects that do not need heavy wood or metalworking machinery. A practical orientation (2 h) at the beginning of the course covers safety regulations, all premises and light machinery. The Workshop Master is actively present on the course and if needed, will use the heavy machinery on behalf of the student.

The orientation and support required for the course can be customized according to the needs. Supervising teacher, please be in contact with the Workshop Master. Required online material in MyCourses is provided based on the needs.

Work permission:     Limited.  Course / project specific.

  • Set Design Workshop facilities.
  • Light machinery: Hand & battery tools.
Contact information
  • Jami Laakso

    Workshop Master

    +358 50 569 6326

  • Pasi Pakula

    Workshop Master

    +358 50 569 5917

  • Jyri Lahelma

    Workshop Master

    +358 50 403 3373

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