What does our relationship with music and musical instruments look like today, as digital technologies are enabling new instruments and new interfaces, and intersecting our lives with the ways we interact with them?

Socio-Cultural Role of Technology in Digital Musical Interactions -symposium brought together expert scholars, artists and practitioners to discuss and explore how these new relationships build embodied behaviours, expectations, beliefs, interpretations and actions in various ways we practice and act on music through digital technologies.

The symposium is followed by a concert in Kallio Stage. Miranda Kastemaa, Marc Leman, Jukka Kääriäinen, Koray Tahiroğlu, Thor Magnusson and Tommi Keränen will take the stage in Kallio on Friday evening.

Kallio Stage

Kallio Stage, located in hip Kallio district of Helsinki, is Aalto Studios’ own black box theatre and event space. Perfect for small and large events, performances, screenings and seminars, Kallio Stage also has that cool traditional theatre feeling due to it’s history.