Video production accessibility checklist

This page is quick check-list for our own internal video productions, to see how they meet accessibility criteria, based on the listing at

Is there an alternative for all ‘non-text’ content?

Have you provided alternatives for time-based media?

Have you provided captions for all prerecorded audio content?

Have you provided an audio description or media alternative for video content?

Do instructions for understanding and operating content avoid using shape, size, visual location, orientation or sounds?

Have you avoided the use of colour alone to convey information?

Is it possible to pause or stop automatically playing audio?
– No autoplay solves this

Is all content and functionality operable through a keyboard?
This will be addressed in vetting the player and making sure it gets focus when used. Vimeo should be fine otherwise.

Can any moving, blinking, scrolling or auto-updating content be paused, stopped or hidden?
– Play/Pause covers this, except for any material imposed by the player, such as “Related content” etc. Using Vimeo we can opt-out easily.

Is flashing content kept to a minimum e.g. content does not flash more than three times a second?

Have you provided an audio description for video content?

The orientation of the content is not locked.
– The fullscreen mode of the browser should handle this, will double-check.

Do foreground and background colour combinations meet the requirements for Level AA?

Has the use of text within images been avoided where possible?
– For video, this just means that text that appears in the video footage should also be reflected in the captions, for voice readers.

Do components and graphics have a contrast ratio of 3:1?

Has the human language of any passages or phrases in the content been indentified?
– The captions could perhaps indicate the language in some standard way [English] or so. Is there a captioning standard for this?

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