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This page contains patterns and widgets for copy-pasting to new pages. One day WordPress will make the pattern library smart/easy enough to store these there, but for now, they’re here.

Column grid for main page with sidebar

The below “Aalto Studios Default Columns” should be at the root of your new page to make it a two column basic deal. Start by copying this into an empty page, then put your stuff inside either area within. (note: the element can not really be seen here, use the outline view)

Copy the empty one ⬆️ above this paragraph, not the one below ⬇️ because that’s being used to create the layout for the next elements on this page.

Product listing for the main page area

The Advanced Query Loop below let’s you apply a Post Type together with a Filter for Product Category

  • Record a Podcast Episode

    Record a Podcast Episode

    Either by yourself, with a guest or with people calling in via Skype and other messaging apps. The A Pod let’s…

  • Narration or Voiceover

    Narration or Voiceover

    One person and a microphone; record spoken word directly to your memory card using the Røde Control Surface. These User Guides…

  • Interview


    Sit down with someone, hit Record and off you go. We’ve streamlined the process so you don’t even need to use…

  • Remote Keynote Presentation

    Remote Keynote Presentation

    Don’t have the time or willingness to travel? Have your speech and slideshow happen live from our campus to the audience…

  • Your own Podcast

    Your own Podcast

    Getting your own podcast show up and running at Aalto University is more than possible. We have both the resources and…

Sidebar page embed

You can use this to point to another page, typically a page within this same site. It draws a small card from available meta data. The below element is wrapped into an empty card.

Sidebar person card

A custom query, where the Filter attribute can be used to find a person post, which we use for adding people.

  • Oliver Manner
    Oliver Manner

    Web Studio Host, Design and Development

    +555 5555

Sidebar user guide list
Sidebar table of contents for user guides
What is Aalto Studios?

We provide expertise and resources to all Aalto University in the fields of audiovisual media, extended reality production, game development, internet communication and more. Learn more about how we can help you.

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