Metal tools

Metal Workshop

Our metal workshop has the resources for welding, bending and grinding. It includes basic industrial machines and hand tools for metal work and jointing techniques.

The equipment is mainly set up for scenography and set design purposes, but is easy to use for basic metal work, like mig welding, bending, grinding ,drilling etc. The workshop also allows for working with the fire tools, such as gas torches, hot air blowers, soldering or any other hot stuff in a dedicated fire work area.


Using these tools requires a permit. Contact us for more information on obtaining access and see the safety information available on this page.

User Guides


Please check the ongoing courses from the calendars and ask the workshop master about available working hours. Courses and productions in accordance with the ARTS timetable are prioritized. Always contact the Workshop master to make the reservations and fill in the project notification form.

Location and Hours

The Set Design Workshop is located at Aalto Studios HQ

Otakaari 7
02150, Espoo

Open weekdays 9.00 – 16.00

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Contact information
  • Jami Laakso

    Workshop Master

    +358 50 569 6326

  • Pasi Pakula

    Workshop Master

    +358 50 569 5917

  • Jyri Lahelma

    Workshop Master

    +358 50 403 3373

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