AV-assistentti Aalto Studioon

Paikka on täytetty, kiitos hakijoille! Etsimme henkilöä AV-assistentin tehtävään. Paikka aukeaa syyskuussa 2019 ja sijaitsee Aalto Studiosin kalustolainaamossa, Espoon Otaniemessä. AV-assistentin tehtäviin kuuluu AV-kaluston ylläpitoa, lainauspalveluun osallistumista, kaluston käytön opastusta lainaajille sekä muita tehtäviä. Monipuolisessa tehtävässä tehdään yhteistyötä opiskelijoiden ja henkilökunnan kanssa. Työympäristö on kansainvälinen, joten vaatimuksena on hyvä englannin kielen taito. Aalto Studios on […]

Educational videos ensures digital transformation at Aalto university

Video is a very important tool in digitalization of learning and teaching and many programs at Aalto University is looking into developing online learning processes. Many courses are already offering blended learning format teaching – combing both contact and online learning methods. Video production at Aalto University is rising fast, and its, therefore, becoming a […]

Surface Elaboration Techniques Exhibition

During the last weeks Aalto Studios Dyeing Studio and Atelier Classroom, have been full of costume design students following the course Surface Elaboration Techniques. The students have been exploring different dyeing and patinating techniques; everything from creating fake blood and lookalike moss till making textiles look like worn leather. The course ended up with an […]

FabLab helps startup test product

The future has arrived – that’s what could be rightfully said about 3D printing and its effect on human lives. As you’re reading this, 3D printers are creating new shapes and consequently shaping our future. In FabLab basement at Otakaari 7, students are able to be a part of this future and on the 4th […]

Motion Capture Partnership

Remedy Entertainment is a private developer of action computer games, game franchises and leading edge 3D game technology based in Espoo, Finland. Aalto Studios motion capture specialist Bjarke and Toni visited Remedy ’s motion capture studio to learn more about their work and explain about Aalto Studios’ future plans. Notable games Remedy has developed include […]

Aalto Studios makes collaboration possible

At Aalto studios at Otakaari 7 students from four different backgrounds are working together to make technology, the body, and cloth work together in harmony. The course is called “Wearable Electronics” and is based on collaboration between costume design, sound design, lighting design, and choreography and is bringing Aalto ARTS and University of the Arts […]

Game Engines for Artists at Aalto Studios

On March 14th from 17:00 – 20:00 the Virtual Cinema Lab invites all interested to a kick-off event at Studio Kipsari at Otakaari 7. Kick-off with peer-to-peer learning The purpose of the event is to enable knowledge exchange & exploration while connecting students, educators, XR enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Game engines are tools available for […]