Take a tour of the Self Service Studio to get started. This video walks you through all the settings you need to check before recording, and helps you get the most out of this studio. The same information is available as an illustrated readable guide, too.


(Video contains Finnish captions)

Welcome to the Self Service Studio. 

The Aalto Studios Self Service facility is designed for small user groups, panel discussions, interviews, lectures or thesis presentations, this space is made for all Aalto users. 

[Slowly panning the Studio from outside]

The studio is located on the K floor of the Harald Herlin -learning centre. 

[Studio on the map] 

To book a time, use the Aalto Space app or ASIO Booking with your Aalto account. 

[Screenshot of ASIO booking / Aalto Space app]

In this short video, we will guide you on how to get started with the provided equipment. 

[Slowly panning the big Self Service tapes on the black wall]


When entering the studio, use this door side switch to turn on the studio lights only. The space has two sets of lights; studio lighting for your presentations and cleaning lights for maintenance. The lights have been optimized for the use of the Self Service Studio. Please do not move or touch the lighting equipment.

[[Control Lights]] Skin tone compensation?

(Circle around the studio lights, X on the cleaning lights)

[Hand turning the studio lights on]


Studio lights can cause unwanted shiny spots to appear on your forehead, cheeks and the tip of the nose. You may bring your own anti-shine or mattifying powder to prevent unwanted shine when on camera. Please use disinfectant before handling any of the studio equipment.

[Hand taking wipe from container]

Your own equipment

The studio does not support plugging in any personal devices, including laptops, memory sticks, cameras or microphones. 

[Shots of memory card/usb plug with a cross over them]

To transfer data either use a cloud based service, connect to your Aalto home/work folder, or move files directly using Airdrop on supported devices.

[Screen capture of saving files]

Prompter, Camera and Presentation Computers

The keyboards and mice on the desk are labeled accordingly so you know how to operate the 

right screen:

[A general shot of the desk]
The small screen on the table is the prompter display,
letting you place scrolling text in the line of sight to the camera behind the screen.

[Shot of rolling text]

 The camera is concealed inside the prompter.  

[Camera turning on]

The prompter and camera can both be remotely adjusted to a desired height and tilt. 

[Camera going up and down]

The ‘Prompter height’ controls the whole stand, including the camera. Adjust it to a comfortable reading height. Use the ‘Camera remote’ to aim the camera when viewing an image in a video application like Quicktime.

[Showing the controls]

See our dedicated written guide to using the prompter for more details on operating the software on our website

See our dedicated written guide or video guide for more details on operating the prompter on our website.

[Screen capture]

The 2 big screens on the left are connected to the Presentation computer for operating software such as Panopto, Zoom, Teams, Powerpoint, Keynote and others. 

[Showing the 2 screens and close up moving through the panel of software and opening one]

The presentation computers are currently not using Aalto’s single sign on-authentication, so you sign in as ‘Self Service Studio User’ and later connect to Aalto services as needed. 

(Signing in as a guest and then signing in as Aalto user, showing hands typing and showing the screen]

Any data left on the computers gets automatically wiped when you log out. Be sure to upload any created media, and to wait for the upload to complete.

[Screen Capture of upload being completed on Google Drive]

Microphone and speakers

A single desktop microphone has been configured to automatically provide audio input. 

The microphone is optimized to pick up your audio from a standing position so there is no need to lean into the microphone whilst you speak.

Please do not try to move the microphone.

Starting from a general shot of the table zooming in towards the mic]

[[Control Mic Input]]

For video conferences and other interactive events, a pair of ceiling mounted speakers is connected to the Presentation computer.

[Shot of the speakers]

[[Control Volume]]


If the studio isn’t cooperating, we have a troubleshooting checklist with quick fixes to some known issues.

[Screen capture of the website]

When you’re leaving, please make sure to log off from the computers, 

[Logging off]

and to turn off the studio lights.

[Hand turning of the lights]

We hope that this video provided you with all the information needed to use the Self Service Studio. Please contact a member of our staff if you need any further assistance. 

[Slowly panning the big Self Service tapes]