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  • Ena Naito

    Ena is a researcher for an EU-funded project: CoCoon – Co-Creating Greener Futures.

    Ena Naito

  • Alejandro Yllarramendy

    Alejandro Yllarramendy

  • Laura Törnroos

    Laura is the workshop master at Väre Takeout.

    Laura Törnroos

  • Kalle Kataila

    A Specialist at Aalto Teacher Services, Kalle also hosts our Lightboard Studio and is long-time frequent flyer with us.

    Kalle Kataila

  • Heidi Rintala

    Heidi Rintala

  • Rolando Camilo

    Rolando is the AV Technical Team Leader and Production Coordinator.

    Rolando Camilo

  • Solomon Embafrash

    Solomon Embafrash

  • Antti Ruotoistenmäki

    MAGICS is national infrastructure for the human in the digital world. It is available for research, teaching and artistic activities for everyone in Aalto, and in consortium with Tampere University, the University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Lapland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and University of Jyväskylä. Learn more about MAGICS from our website. The equipment are available for use through Aalto…

    Antti Ruotoistenmäki

  • Hetta Huhtamäki

    Hetta Huhtamäki

  • Lassi Salo

    Lassi is taking care of Studios Takeout. He has a huge amount of expertise of Aalto’s AV equipment, since he has worked in both equipment lending offices at Otakaari 7 and Väre.

    Lassi Salo

  • Timo Ovaska

    While working for Aalto Learning Services, Timo can often be found at the VR Hub, where he delves into using extended reality in education

    Timo Ovaska

  • Marcus Korhonen

    Marcus manages the overall operations of Aalto Studios and can help you learn more about our Aalto University and media industry spanning effort to build a new, ambitious media centre for all.

    Marcus Korhonen

  • Bjarke Aalto

    AV/Motion Capture/Virtual Studio technician

    Bjarke Aalto

  • Jon Fabritius

    Internet communication design and development consulting, teaching and software development at the Web Studio. Communication and space related development projects at the Aalto Studios in general.

    Jon Fabritius

  • Johanna Ilmarinen

    Johanna is Aalto Studios specialist in costume related projects. Johanna loves helping students with projects, especially when the solution is not obvious and the question challenge her knowledge. In addition to student’s guidance, she makes material orders, arranges courses, makes patterns, fittings, and dyes. Johanna has previously worked in Theatre’s and Universities’ Costume Departments and…

    Johanna Ilmarinen

  • Ari Kivimäki

    Ari is the Senior Manager in charge of Aalto Studios partnerships – both internally and externally. He has a long background as a new business developer and can advice startups in the area of creative industries, based on his experience at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and new business centers. He has also been a…

    Ari Kivimäki

  • Jami Laakso

    Jami Laakso

  • Jyri Lahelma

    Jyri Lahelma

  • Jussi Lohijoki

    Jussi Lohijoki

  • Oliver Manner

    Oliver is hosting the Web Studio in collaboration with his colleague Jon Fabritius. They help the whole Aalto community with things related to the internet: Web pages, CMS systems, social media, etc. They also build web systems for Aalto University e.g Aalto People and Aalto Takeout. Oliver has spent his whole work career in Aalto.…

    Oliver Manner

  • “Ville” Jari Manninen

    Ville is an AV technician at Aalto Studios. With his over 30-year experience, Ville is the perfect guy to help out with everything from sound, video or stage setups. He has a BA in art with a specialty in performance and theatre technics. Bonus info:Ville meets up with his friend every Sunday and plays hockey.

  • Esa Mattila

    Esa Mattila

  • Pasi Pakula

    Pasi Pakula

  • Lassi Savola

    Lassi is an AV Specialist and works in AV Productions as an Assistant Producer. He has over a decade of experience with media production from a technical point of view, as well as extensive hands-on knowledge about audiovisual equipment. Lassis knowledge of AV equipment, ranging from every-day tech to professional cinema equipment, mixed with his…

    Lassi Savola

  • Krisjanis Rijnieks

    Krisjanis is the Aalto Fablab master and is responsible for keeping it open and helping you to get the hold of its machines and capabilities. Krisjanis has graduated Fab Academy from Fab Lab Barcelona and holds a MA diploma from Aalto Media Lab. He developed projection mapping tool ofxPiMapper (a projection mapping tool for the…

    Krisjanis Rijnieks

  • Jason Selvarajan

    Jason Selvarajan

  • Juha Tanhuanpää

    Juha Tanhuanpää

  • Juhani Tenhunen

    With lots of experience in academic matters at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Juhani oversees our international projects that bring together students and researchers from around the globe.

    Juhani Tenhunen

  • Toni Tolin

    Toni is responsible for operating and maintaining the studio facilities at Roihupelto Studio. Toni have been working at Aalto University since 2002 and he loves making good looking productions that are technically challenging. Toni have great technical skills, a big knowledge about production gear and experience with many different production types, but he especially excels…

    Toni Tolin

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