Mirages film and Event Cinema breaks barriers of filmmaking, performing arts and artistic research

Aalto Studios’ multi-camera studio at Roihupelto doubles as a motion capture studio. Infrared cameras that capture movements are located on the walls. The motion capture function is currently in use by an exciting film production, Mirages. To be released in late 2019, the music and dance film is breaking barriers in modern filmmaking in many […]

Studio Team: Meet Jussi Lohijoki

Every now and then, we’ll share a little bit about the team behind Aalto Studios. Today, we introduce you to Jussi Lohijoki, our post-production master and educator at Aalto Studios. Jussi started at Department of Film in 2010, and is still working around similar atmosphere at Aalto Studios. Without further ado, here’s a brief interview with Jussi.  What […]

Studio Team: Meet Johanna Ilmarinen

Everyone now and then, we’ll share a little bit about the team behind Aalto Studios. Today, we introduce you to Johanna Ilmarinen, our costume design workshop master at Aalto Studios. Johanna has worked at Aalto University since 2010, although she was gone working at Uniarts’ wardrobe for two years. We are very happy she returned to Aalto this year! Without further ado, here’s […]

Aalto ARTS and Theatre Academy collaborating in ACO project

Aalto ARTS and Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki organized a study module, Artistic Collaboration (ACO) this fall. The course culminated in an evening of four performances. The participating students explored artistic representation through a research process. Aalto ARTS students from M.A. programs in Scenography and Costume Design, along with Theatre Academy students from Choreography, Dance, […]

Exhibition: SUGARRYY WONDERRYY at Kallio Stage

Kallio Stage lobby is going to be a venue for a sweet exhibition this month. Ludovico Design Studio presents “Sugarryy Wonderryy”, an individual exhibition of new works by Carlos Alves Ludovico. Drawing from the themes in his formative years in Portugal, Ludovico’s artworks overlook the lasting and unique way in which memories and experiences of childhood can […]

AI & Media Afternoon brought together media professionals from around Europe

Aalto Studios hosted a mini seminar around the theme AI & Media in collaboration with ACE Producers. The afternoon session occurred prior to ACE Training Days that were held in Helsinki and Espoo 13-15th of October 2018. The venue for the event was Miltton’s seminar hall in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. Juhani Tenhunen, the coordinator of international relations […]

Hiring: AV-sivari & Fab Lab -sivari (non-military service employee)

AV Assistant for Aalto Studios We are looking to hire a responsible and active person to take care of AV-equipment and facilities at Aalto Studios. Aalto Studios maintains AV-studios and develops research and education is the field of media. We organize events, produce AV-services and is active in the international community of AV-professionals. AV-assistant’s tasks […]

Digitalising Performance With Wearables and Software

In the past years, Aalto University has been successful in uniting Aalto’s own faculties in interdisciplinary research. In addition to that, research is often done in collaboration with other universities around the country and even internationally. A large multidisciplinary research project, “Digitalising performance with wearables and software”, has brought together Aalto ARTS, Aalto Science and […]

Playful prototyping at “Design with Movements” -workshop

Aalto Studios hosted a 3-day workshop in the Studio Kipsari’s event room on 10.-12.9. as a part of Helsinki Design Week program. The theme of the workshop was “Design with Movements”, instructed by Eun Young Park. Park is a designer who finished her Master’s degree in New Media in Aalto University two years ago. A series […]

Online courses being filmed at Roihupelto studio

Aalto University has enjoyed producer Yulia Guseva’s online course production expertise for four years now. This fall, new winds are blowing as Guseva recently started using Roihupelto studio facilities for the making of educational video materials for A!OLE, Aalto Online Learning. “It makes my life so much easier to have Aalto University’s own studio here at Roihupelto for […]

Exhibition: Opiskelijanumero 11658 by Tiina Paju

We welcome all students, staff and friends to Aalto Studios Gallery, as we are hosting an exhibition of Tiina Paju, a graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist. The exhibition “Opiskelijanumero 11658” displays graphic artist Tiina Paju’s works from four decades. The artist herself was accepted into University of Art and Design Helsinki (Taideteollinen korkeakoulu) as the student […]