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Instructions for Speakers The best suited for the stage are ted talk type of speakers with strong but simple visuals, interviews, and small discussions. All events should have a moderator/host. Please send your presentation before the event if you have audio or video… Hybrid Stage
Instructions for Organisers  In order to visualize how the Hybrid Stage works, you can think about a TV show with an onsite audience that is broadcasted to a wider online audience. You will need to think more about graphics and visuals than you… Hybrid Stage
Takeout 2.0 User Guide Aalto Takeout lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from many different campus locations, by many different providers. Sign in, search for what you need and book it for pick-up. Who can use it? Anyone with an Aalto… Self ServiceTakeout EquipmentWeb Studio
Background Images for Video Conferencing Our Remote Teaching Studios come equipped with green screens for that added professional touch when using background images with video. Here are some locally crafted background images for you to freely use; either download them individually below or get the… AV Production ServiceMini StudioRemote Teaching StudiosSelf ServiceSelf service studio
Self Service Studio Video Guide Take a tour of the Self Service Studio to get started. This video walks you through all the settings you need to check before recording, and helps you get the most out of this studio. The same information is available… Self ServiceSelf service studio
Test camera and microphone This page lets you select both camera and microphone inputs to check that they're working as expected. Unfortunately, the Safari browser doesn't currently support the microphone input, so use Firefox or another browser for this test. Camera test If you…
Troubleshooting the Self Service Studio When something doesn't work, start here. This document helps you check both hardware and software settings, and provides fixes for known issues. No image from camera? This area is currently being worked on and will have more information at a… Self service studio
Using the Prompter in Self Service Studio The second computer in the Self Service Studio is hooked up to this prompter display, letting you place scrolling text in the line of sight to the camera behind the screen. This document explains the initial setup of the hardware… Self service studio
Overview and setup of the Self Service Studio This is a document in progress, illustrating the various machinery and furniture of the space, including control surfaces and the lighting. It is made public as it can be of value even in an unfinished form. The studio setup consists… Self service studio
Get to know Takeout Pro There area a ton of equipment and other resources available for Aalto University users for creating media and building immersive experiences. To find these tools, then plan their use and reserve them for pickup, Takeout Pro is our extremely efficient… Self ServiceTakeout EquipmentWeb Studio
Image of output controlsHow to record directly on the RØDECaster interface? For many cases, this is most straight forward way. You’ll need to bring your own Micro SD Card for recording the audio to. These steps take you through recording a typical setup using the two A Pod microphones. More sources… A PodSelf Service
Interior Shot of the A PodSet up the audio hardware for recording The RØDECaster control surface is at the heart of all audio operations in the A Pod. Whether you’re recording directly in-device or using the iMac, or listening to anything, here’s where we start. Condition the air condition The room has… A Pod
Stylistic screenshot of Audio HijackHow to record on the iMac While the RØDECaster interface lets you record directly to an SD Card all by itself, you can get more fine grained control using audio software. And maybe you just don’t have that SD Card. The A Pod iMac has a… A Pod
A Pod Hardware and Software This is a document in progress and some areas will appear empty. The A Pod is a great place for recording and quickly editing audio content. Here's a breakdown of available tools: The Pod Itself An acoustically dampened 3,5 m²… A PodSelf Service
How to get your files to go? The A Pod has two options for locally recording sound; either using just the RØDECaster interface direct to your memory card or using audio software on the iMac. Some services, such as Panopto, record directly to server so no transfer… A Pod
Työskentelyohjeet | Working guidelines Atelje, luokkahuone 377 Pölyävät ja sähkökäyttöisiä koneita vaativat työt tehdään työpajatiloissa.Käsityökalujen käyttö on sallittu. Huomaa kuitenkin esim. mattopuukon aiheuttama vakava tapaturmavaara, tämän vuoksi yksityöskentelyä ei suositella. Ainoastaan vesiliukoisten maalien käyttö on sallittu. Spraymaalien käyttö on ehdottomasti kielletty. Suojaa lattiapinnat muovilla… Atelier
Prepare a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for viewing For viewing material in the DCP format at the Odeion Screening Auditorium, either send an existing file to Esa Mattila at beforehand using, or bring the media file at least an hour in advance. We also support Gofilex… Odeion Screening AuditoriumVideo Edits
Safe Working at the Set Design Workshop Safety & Health at work – Set design Workshop Work safety regulations needs to be obeyedOnly the students who have passed the workshop course  have permission to work at the workshopFollow the workshop-specific guidelines and use always required protective gears. All… Set Design Workshop
Set Design Workshop Rules Work safety regulations needs to be obeyed Only the students who have passed the workshop course have permission to work at the workshop Machines and tools are allowed to be used under surveillance of the workshop master: use only the… Set Design Workshop
Varoitusmerkit ja vaaralausekkeet | Hazard symbols and statements Varoitusmerkit | Hazard symbols GHS01 Räjähtävä / Explosive GHS02 Syttyvä / Flammable GHS03 Hapettava / Oxidising GHS04 Paineen alainen kaasu / Gas under pressure GHS05 Syövyttävä / Corrosive GHS06 Välitön myrkyllisyys / Acute toxity GHS07 Terveysvaara / Health hazard GHS08… Costume WorkshopSet Design Workshop
Mini Studio Equipment Here is the list of equipment in the Mini Studio. Camera 2x Sony Z280 Camcorders (model name to be confirmed) 1/2" sensor with 17x zoom (which equals 25-425 mm on fullframe, to be confirmed), widest aperture f1.7-f2.3 (to be confirmed)… Mini Studio
CNC Precision Milling Machine Roland Modela MDX-40 Roland Modela MDX-40 is a versatile milling machine that can be useful for many precision milling tasks. It has 1/100 mm resolution which can be useful when producing high-detail objects. What can I make with it? From simple projects such… Aalto Fablab
Kemikaaliturvallisuus ja työskentelyohjeet | Chemical Safety & Working guidelines Värjäämö Tiedosta mitä olet tekemässä: Tutustu uusiin aineisiin työpajamestarin kanssa. Kemikaalista tarvitaan aina käyttöturvallisuustiedote, joka viedään puvuston kemikaalirekisteriin.Tutustu käyttöturvallisuustiedotteeseen ja mieti: Vaaramerkinnät, mikä on pahinta mitä voisi tapahtua? Miten käsittelen kemikaalia ja ehkäisen altistumista?Mitä suojaimia tulee käyttää? Varovaisuusperiaate: kaikki väriaineet… Costume Workshop
Teleprompter in Mini Studio The different ways of teleprompting in Mini Studio. Upcoming Aalto Studios Teleprompter SystemOpen Broadcaster SoftwareIpad (make sure it is fully charged before the shooting day) with Teleprompter App Upcoming Aalto Studios Teleprompter System Coming soon™ Open Broadcaster Software Needed equipment:…
Laser Cutter Epilog Legend 36EXT The Epilog Legend 36EXT laser cutter is one of the most beloved machines at the Aalto Fablab. It features a 60 Watt CO2 laser capable of cutting through 6 mm wood or 10 mm acrylics sheets up to a size… Aalto Fablab
Person performing motion captured danceRoihupelto Studios, Studio 3 General Rules Before using ANY technical equipment ask for instructions from our studio staffEating and drinking in the studio and control rooms is forbiddenClean the space after your production, all the equipment should return to their original locationsWorking hours must… Roihupelto Studios
Setup the Lightboard Needed images:------The setup as wholeCurtain light spilling reflections on the lightboard--->fixedFloor-level curtain reflection-->fixedWhite things reflecting on the lightboardBlacks lowered, before&after imageHow to turn off red signal off sony camcorderMasking borders, before&after imageShotgun mic setup as backupLavalier mic on talentLightboards own…
Aalto Fablab Material Guide Here you can find information about materials available for sale at the Aalto Fablab. ... Aalto Fablab
Guide to Aalto Studios Products Long version Aalto Studios has many Facilities: places where people can get resources, instruction and advice. For people experienced with these types of facilities, like our Mini Studio, it can be easy to figure out how to use it for… Communication Guides
Työturvallisuusvastuut | Occupational Safety Responsibilities Työnantajan velvollisuuksia työturvallisuuslain 738/2002 /1/ toteuttamiseksi ovat: Henkilökunta (opettaja ja työpajamestari) Velvollisuus huolehtia, että Työpajan käyttäjät perehdytetään ja opastetaan tehtäviinsä.Työt ovat etukäteen suunniteltuja.Työmenetelmiä, -tapoja ja -olosuhteita valvotaan.Henkilösuojainten käyttöä valvotaan.Laitteiden ja välineiden kuntoa valvotaan.Työssä on käytettävissä riittävät tiedot, taidot ja kokemus.… Costume WorkshopSet Design Workshop
Lainausehdot | Terms & Conditions Pukuvarasto Työpajamestari avaa pukuvaraston pyydettäessä, perehdyttää käytössä sekä ohjeistaa tuotteiden huollossa ja palautuksessa. Oikeus pukuvaraston käyttöön edellyttää toisten käyttäjien huomioimista – tuotteet palautetaan puhtaina ja silitettyinä siististi omille paikoilleen. Opiskelija huolehtii itse vaatteiden huollosta ja palautuksesta sovitun lainausajan sisällä. Kaikki… Costume Workshop
Turvallinen työskentely | Safety & Health at work Puvusto Noudata työpajakohtaisia ohjeistuksia ja käytä aina työsi vaatimia suojaimia.Noudata yleistä siisteyttä ja huomioi muut tiloissa työskentelevät.Työpaja on päihteetön, vältä myös yksin ja väsyneenä työskentelyä.Käytä työhösi soveltuvaa tilaa: Kontaktiliimaus ja spraymaalaus ATEX-maalaamossa.Värjäys, maalaus, patinointi ja kankaanpaino värjäämössä.Hionta lavastamossa.Kuumailmapuhaltimen käyttö metallipajalla.Pesulassa puhdistetaan,… Costume Workshop
Two computer screensAccess the VR Studio You can book working time for any of the computers in VR Studio from Aalto Takeout. If you need access to the space outside working hours you can request a key from The key has an electronic key for… Self ServiceVR Studio
Experiential Learning with Virtual Reality VR has the potential for experience-based learning in a way that hasn't been possible before the age of embodied and spatial computing. Putting the hype aside, what are the possibilities virtual reality offers for today? How could VR be used… VR Hub
Learn to VR: Sketch your ideas with Tilt Brush Draw to the air. Design new spaces. Create mini-worlds. And then walk inside your creation! Tilt Brush is a drawing and painting tool for VR. It allows you to access a myriad of tools and brushes to create spatial and… VR Hub
ABC for VR Hub Turn on the computer Username: gamer-aaltoPassword: harald&PELIT Turn on SteamVR Click this icon on desktop. Turn on the hand controllersTake the controllers from the charger and press the main menu -button for 2 seconds. Turn on the headsetTake the headset… VR Hub
Booking the VR Hub The space can be booked using either the Aalto Space - app, or from Our policy on access is still being worked on; expect the doors to be open during the daytime, while during the Harald Herlin Learning Center business hours the… VR Hub